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Our projects

Cheeky Monkeys

Diventa il miglior addestratore di Cheeky Monkeys, giocando al momento giusto le carte che hai in mano per salvarti dai guai delle dispettose Scimmiette e scompigliare i piani degli altri giocatori.



Animalchemist è un videogioco di carte incentrato sullo scontro tra due giocatori per pc e dispositivi mobile.

Experience Zero

Experience Zero è uno spazio che metterà alla prova voi stessi, la vostra squadra e il vostro ingegno.

Coming soon..

Coming soon..


Gallery Events

The story of Universe Zero

UniverseZero is an new ambitious start-up operating in the entertainment industry. The company is realizing quality innovative products thanks to the involvement of creative minds with different expertise coming from different fields.

The Company mantra is that “there are no limit to creativity”: ideas are encouraged, promoted and developed up to the creation of tabletop games, video-games, novels, comics and short movies.

In a young, open-minded and fun environment, UniverseZero is growing innovative ideas and talented people, both personally and professionally.

For about a year the young founders of UniverseZero have worked intensively to realize products and ideas which will amaze the world.

“In our opinion making a difference nowadays means encourage the people’s dreams, while showing them that anything is possible, not only with commitment and passion, but also with fun and a bit of madness.” 

This is the vision of the CEO Davide Premdas Lo Presti